Pages where OES fans gather
First website in Japan with information of OES in Japan and oversee.
It also gives information on how to raise OES.
Homes and His Friends
Website of a group of people gathering and enjoying with others with OES.
I would like to participate if they have one close by.
J K C・・・ Japan kennel club: Info on dogs of Japan and the world.
Number of members of people and dogs are both the biggest in Japan. We are members, too.
Wakadaisho of Nagoya: Breeding dog of Song-Mary.
Introduces the fun life with the family in Nagoya.
Cheerful and Selfish, but a pacifist Jody's website. It is filled with wonderfulness of OES! Don't miss the list of friends from all over Japan.
HIRO OKAZAKI JP is a  with three OES living happily
PUFF Website of cute Puff, which is Leaga's puppy which lives in Mito
Looks like she has been traveling with her family to different places and having fun.
The breeder of Teddy・・・It has OES and others idle about freely in the vast yard, and is doing its best in the dog show with the healthy dog.
Aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal The Europe top kennel where Jammy came from.
BOBTAIL.RU Full of information about OES in Europe and the world. It is worth visiting!
kennel PUSHISTOE VOLSHEBSTVO Our friends of Russia.
They are active all around Europe.


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