November 10, 2005
High quality Puppies was produced between the mother who aims at the top in Europe, and a U.S. champion's father,

The boy of one animal was strongly printed to our eyes especially.
I was able to ask of the breeder, the time of a little more than ten months was able to be spent, and it was able to come to our house with great difficulty.

rodbh`ksx cdh mnahko`yyh

Inside of vast natureEEE

It became large. I

Ten months

Five months

Dog show challenge

Dog show challenge

Four months after the birth ... By the first challenge
It shone with best puppy.

It seems that it was able to run calmly in the first dog show.

Seven months after the birth ... 2nd challenge Euro OES Dog Show (as an OES independent exhibition, it is the greatest show in all Europe)

puppy male group Evaluation of No2 is obtained,

It will live in comfort in the future and is a dog wholly. The judge could praise,

Although it was only two dog show challenges by the time he visited Japan,
It left results good for each and came to Japan.
I think that he wants to challenge the dog show of Japanese every place and to go from now on.

The dog show challenge is planned from the spring of 2007.


rodbh`ksx cdh mnahko`yyh
SIRE Am Ch Bugaboo Big Puff Daddy
DAM Nobelprize dei Nobilpazzi


November 10, 2005